Five dairy farmers from Victoria’s south west, decided to change their farming methods, helping the environment and producing premium milk with greater health benefits.


These families, in conjunction with Camperdown Compost, redesigned the way they produce their milk, eliminating nasty herbicides and pesticides, and replacing them with naturally organic fertilizers.

Over the past six years, they have been collecting the effluent from their herd and recycling it by turning it into compost which they then spread back onto the pastures, which feed their cows.


The compost is collected over the course of a year and spread out twice a year at 5 or 6 tons per hectare, encouraging the grass to grow to its full potential.


Not only has this process seen an abundance of worms re-entering their soil, but also the return of clover to the grass, and the grass’s Brix rating more than tripling.


The testing of Pasture Brix, is used to measure the amount of minerals and sugars dissolved in the plant tissue, which the cows then consume, helping them to produce a healthier and more nutritious milk product.


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