Byte Sized News – Tokyo Game Show Edition

By Vic Thompson.

PAX Australia is primed to hit our shores on October 31, so be prepared if you’re in Melbourne and don’t be surprised if you see a Masterchief catching a bus in the city during this time. PAX has multiple shows throughout the year all over the globe but the one in Australia is easily the biggest and the best, because not only is it on our home soil but we also get to show the rest of the gaming world that we’re just as keen and hardcore as everyone else!

In recent news the Tokyo Game Show (TGS) rocked the globe from Japan. With a huge ground floor of playable demos of the best and brightest upcoming games, and a section dedicated to indie gaming, this year’s TGS sent waves throughout the world as everyone got some hands-on time with some great and highly anticipated upcoming games.

While the big hits are always exciting, it’s the unexpected gems that always manage to shine brightest. Since E3 we’ve been bombarded with news and updates on the latest installments in Call of DutyBattlefieldAssassin’s Creed, and others. Some of the biggest ripples however, were the ones caused by games we’ve heard little about – one in particular which has been on the drawing board for nearly a decade. Speaking of, Blizzard recently announced that they have scrapped their extremely secretive MMO Titan which had been in development for 10 years. This is hardly seen as a blow by people however, given the raging success of World of Warcraft, a game which is fast approaching yet another anniversary and expansion.

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Image Courtesy of Final Fantasy XV