Grand Trailer Park Taverna

By Siahna Forward

It seems there is an influx of burger places around these days, with the battle for Melbourne’s best burger hitting soaring heights. Enter Grand Trailer Park Taverna, the latest contender in the fight for the coveted title of ‘Melbourne’s best burger’. Grand Trailer Park Traverna, is taking on heavyweights of the burger world like Huxtaburger, 8bit and Merrywell, and is packing a punch.

Located on the corner of Exhibition and Bourke streets, Grand Trailer Park Taverna has playfully gone for a spirited retro décor, and the indoor caravans, or rather trailers, provide some unconventional seating opportunities. This first visual phenomena provides a hint to the future experiences within the Grand Trailer Park Taverna. The entire experience is tongue in cheek with constant pop culture references popping up all over the place. With burgers named The Chunk (in reference to The Goonies) and Francis Underwood (a nod to House of Cards character Frank Underwood), while desserts have similarly idiosyncratic names like Bananarama (an obvious ode to the 80’s band).  The food is all served on a mental dinner tray to top off the entire niche appeal they have going on. But the food is the real hero.

All the burgers are served on a Brioche bun, which is already a good start. Who could say no to a deliciously buttery roll? No one, that’s who. The burgers varied from the classic KSA burger, with the traditional pattie, cheese, lettuce and tomato, to the more extravagant Francis Underwood, which consisted of a beef pattie, lettuce, cheese as well as a potato mac and cheese croquette. Not your average addition to a burger, the croquette is just another example of Grand Trailer Park Taverna quirk and personality shining through in all aspects of the dining experience.

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