Discover the secret to free rental cars this summer

There is a trick that some savvy travellers might want to keep to themselves: at a time when saving money to take a holiday has become so difficult, it is now possible to cut costs and enjoy driving free rental cars and camper vans in Australia. Most of the time drivers also receive a free tank of petrol.

How does this work? Rental car companies need to reposition their fleet for new hires and usually have to spend large amounts of money to do this using trucks for transportation. Pascal Languillon, Transfercar’s Chief Marketing Officer, says the founders of Transfercar thought that there had to be a better way to solve this problem.

“We’ve created a website that connects rental car companies needing to transfer their cars with travellers eager to drive them in exchange for a cheap trip,” he says. “This model provides a win-win solution where travellers get a free one-way car or campervan hire while rental companies save big money on relocation costs.’’

This money-saving trick works particularly well when combined with a cheap flight. Jaran Pantic used Transfercar last summer to go on a road trip from the Gold Coast to Sydney with his partner: ‘’It all fell into place easily – we checked out the dates the campervan was available and when we saw that the return flight from Sydney was only $59 we thought let’s go on a bit of an adventure…’’

Transfercar launched in 2010 but the website remained relatively secret until last summer where it helped thousands of travellers secure a free one-way rental vehicle in Australia. New deals and routes are being added every day so it pays for travellers to check the website regularly at