One for the yogis

By Cindy Man Hun

For all you fashion-forward women leading active lifestyles, we have great news for you. A line of bold, confident fitness wear that is super stylish as well as socially-conscious was just made available at Liquido Active, which will most definitely allow you to transition from one phase of the day to the next without trouble.

Conceptualised and designed by the friendly pairing between internationally renowned author and yoga and wellness expert Tiffany Cruikshank and global fashion brand Liquido Active‘s global distributor Renata Facchini, this fitness and fashion collaboration occurred as a result of the currently high demand for trending durable and functional fitness wear with beautiful designs.

The special collection will be launched at the same time as Cruikshank’s Yoga Medicine initiative, with a share of the sales donated to education and wellness projects throughout India – including The Nabadisha Education Project which deals with education and support issues among street and working children within the city of Kolkata.

“Our items are becoming incredibly popular with women across the world. We hope that, through these limited edition items, we can look to extend our charitable donations across the entire Liquido range,” says Facchini.

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Images by Robert Sturman.