St Patrick’s Day at P.J.O’Brien’s Southgate Melbourne

“Where the Irish go!”


Tuesday 17 March

P.J.O’Brien’s Southgate Melbourne

Ground Level, Southgate Restaurant & Shopping Precinct, 3 Southgate Avenue Southbank. Opposite Flinders St Station on the banks of the Yarra River.

P.J.O’Brien’s pubs across the country are turning on the event of the year for St Patrick’s Day this Tuesday 17 March.

St Patrick’s Day will see Australia’s six million Irish, Irish descended – and even the Irish at heart – congregate for the world’s largest celebration of Irish culture. While the world over wandering Irish folk from Dublin to New York to Tokyo will witness rivers turned green and landmarks lit with a wash of Celtic colour!

In Melbourne, the most passionate thousands of Irish will be found making the most of the craic at P.J.O’Brien’s Irish Pub at Southgate. Festivities will kick off with an Irish breakfast from 8am, on the banks of the Yarra River opposite the iconic Flinders St Station.

Designed and constructed in Ireland, and considered by Guinness Worldwide Brewing to be Australia’s leading Irish Pub, P.J.O’Brien’s is the country’s most authentic destination for the celebration.

The day will include face painting, Irish dancers, and an impressive line up of Irish bands and musicians including The Bad Penguins, The Coogans, Gallie and Marty Kelly.

P.J.O’Brien’s Southgate Irish chef Marion O’Sullivan-Perez has a range of special Irish dishes on offer, including Beef & Guinness Pie, Irish Stew, Spiced Irish Beef Sandwich, Irish pork sausage and Irish seafood chowder with warm soda bread.

Discerning St Patrick’s Day revelers can also sample P.J.O’Brien’s head bartender Cian O’Neill’s signature Irish cocktails, including the Double Black Martini with Guinness and Espresso, the Black-Currant Velvet, merging the Irish and expat Guinness-variegated drinks, and The Sour Irishman.

The Sour Irishman is Cian’s variation on the whiskey sour using Poitín, Ireland’s original whiskey, distilled over 14 centuries ago by monks, 700 years before the first whiskey was created. Legal brewing of Poitín began in 1997, and it just became available in Australia in 2014. P.J.O’Brien’s Southbank was one of the first to stock the spirit.


What: St Patrick’s Day at P.J.O’Brien’s Melbourne

Where:Ground Level, Southgate Restaurant & Shopping Precinct, 3 Southgate Avenue

Southbank. Opposite Flinders St Station on the banks of the Yarra River.

When:Tuesday, 17 March



Full Irish breakfast until 11am.



Irish dancers performance.



The Coogans: Irish acoustic duo on guitar and fiddle.



Gallie: Irish singer/songwriter plays originals from his album, produced by a Grammy-Award

winning musician.



Lunch available including: Beef & Guinness Pie, Irish Stew, Traditional Irish Spiced Beef

Sandwich, Irish pork sausage and other traditional dishes.



Irish dancers performance.



P.J.O’Brien’s Irish Melbourne Rebels player Tom Sexton

( makes an appearance and has

lunch with teammates.



Marty Kelly: singer-guitarist and master of traditional Irish music and storytelling.



The Coogans: Irish acoustic duo on guitar and fiddle.



The Bad Penguins: an Irish two-man band, playing everything from Irish standards to pop.

They have toured Europe and America and played with some top acts. They play guitar and


Guinness PintMan special appearances all day!


Bar snacks from 4pm until midnight.



Bookings and pre-payment essential from 8am-11am. To book for Breakfast or Lunch call 03 9686 5011