Author talk – Danielle Shelley Carr

Where: Belgrave Library, Reynolds Lane, Belgrave, Vic.

When: Thursday April 16th, 1pm.

Danielle will be speaking about her background, education, inspiration, and the themes and stories of each of her published books.

Her most recent book is – Blom – A Woman’s Journey to Individuation – A novel in verse

Blom, meaning flower in German, is the incredible story of a woman who channels philosophies and music of legendary thinkers and musicians, in a subconscious language heard only in dreams.

As told through poetic form, a woman receives psychic communications, with a subconscious understanding and knowledge of German. The poetic form adds a musicality and lyricism to the novel, and evokes the symbolic quality of dreams.

The novel begins at a séance in the early 1900s, attended by Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung, where his cousin Helene Prieswerk as medium, summons the spirits of the dead.

Author’s background:
The author’s background includes a Master of Arts in Writing and Literature, and books available in libraries throughout Australia, including a psychological thriller novel, Blood for St Valentine, Ellipse – a collection of poetry, short fiction, Raiders of the Headland and other stories, the children’s novel, The Orphan of Botany Bay, and the thesis, Psychological Reflections on Post-Modernist Gothic Literature.