Macadamia Spread – A game changer

By Kristie Giblin

Nutella, you’ve got some competition! There’s a new deliciously nutty chocolate spread in town and it’s vying for your crown of ‘most addictive spread to eat straight out of the jar with a spoon’.

World, meet Macabella choc-macadamia spread crunch ‘a cocoa & macadamia taste affair’.

A delicious chocolatey spread with just the right amount of crunch. Perfect for spreading on your toast, or of course eating straight from the jar (as I am right now).

Many would argue that Nutella is so damned good that you just couldn’t beat it, but Macabella is pretty much on par in the nutty-goodness-which-I-am-now-addicted-to stakes.

Read the full review and a recipe using Macabella, in the June issue of Gourmet Magazine, coming soon!