Rowies Melting Moments low res

Australia’s queen of gluten free, Rowie Dillon is urging us all to go gluten free for this year’s Red Cross Big Cake Bake. The official Red Cross Big Cake Bake Day is Monday, 31st August but Big Cake Bake events can be organised anywhere, anytime in August.


Rowie Dillon is a passionate crusader for gluten free cooking.  “I was never an avid fan of desserts so I am always on the look-out for new cake recipes that taste great, but don’t  affect my body’s digestive intolerances. “


“For this year’s Big Cake Bake try my gluten free melting moments. They’re not just for the non-yeastie and non-wheaties, they’re for everyone! Indulge, enjoy and stay healthy” says Rowie.

Other Big Cake Bake ambassadors include Chris Bath, Kate Ritchie, Maggie Beer, Poh Ling Yeow, Pamela Clark, Alvin Quah, Adrian Richardson, Anna Gare and Stefano Manfredi. You can find all their recipes at


“The Big Cake Bake is such a guilt free way of baking and eating tasty treats with family, friends and colleagues throughout August” says Chris Bath. “Knowing it is for a good cause makes it all the sweeter.”


Kate Richie says “The Big Cake Bake is a deliciously good reason to support Red Cross and raise vital funds for disadvantaged people. It’s as easy as pulling out your favourite recipes, getting together with friends and family and then eating cake! This year I’ll be making my flourless chocolate hazelnut cake.”


Alvin Quah is thrilled to be a Big Cake Bake ambassador. “As an ambassador for Red Cross, I am proud of the humanitarian work they do, not only to strengthen communities and help vulnerable people through services such as their food security, mental health and homelessness programs, but also through their varied international work including emergency services and protecting people in war.”


Poh is just as passionate. “When it comes to cooking, baking is my first love. There’s nothing like creaming, whisking, measuring precisely, that makes me feel like everything in the world is ok. For many the world is an uncertain one, so the prospect of giving these members of our community a bit of a break, through the Big Cake Bake brings me a huge amount of joy. Even if you’re not much of a baker, wield that whisk like a warrior and see what a difference you can make!”


For more information about the Red Cross Big Cake Bake go online to, email,

call 1800 652 635 or join the Big Cake Bake online community at