Melbourne Fringe: A Star is Bored review 5 stars

It’s always a good time in Melbourne when the Fringe Festival is on. There are so many great shows to see and just not enough time to see them all!

A Star is Bored is currently playing at the Butterfly Club in Melbourne. The stand up comedy cabaret show stars Nick Eynaud, who tells of his first world problems and his desire to be rich, famous and powerful. Since he was 7 months old, he has known he wanted to be a star. He wants to be famous and not have to work too hard to get it – it’s not too much to ask for after all.

With clever and hilarious musical parodies and entertaining stories, Eynaud shares the tale of how he moved from Melbourne to Perth to get his Bachelor of Arts in Music Theatre to pursue his dream of being famous. But it all goes awry when being broke forces him to move back to the family home, in Reservoir.

To make matters worse, his parents get Foxtel and this sends him into a vicious spiral of being a couch potato spending every waking moment watching everything from Masterchef to Extreme Cheapskates, though he still wants more.

Through his obsession with Foxtel, Eynaud finds his calling and chance to make him famous – reality TV. To succeed in his quest, he decides that he would be best suited to Toddlers and Tiaras and the audience gets to see his hilarious audition tape, I was in tears of laughter.

The show proved better than I expected and included songs about Foxtel, Netflix, living in Reservoir and also a beautiful rendition of Sesame Street. From glitter to dancing to rewritten reality show scenes, I was laughing the whole time. I could really appreciate the work that Eynaud put into this show, and it was all in an hour! If all of his shows are like this, then he may very well see his dream of stardom one day realised!

A Star is Bored marks the Melbourne premiere for Nick Eynaud, having previously performed his original cabarets Liza & Judy: Together Again and B.O.Y.

A Star is Bored is playing as part of Melbourne Fringe at The Butterfly Club from 23rd -27th September.