Labor Hysteria Over Guns Unhelpful and Insulting


Nationals Senator for Victoria, Bridget McKenzie, called on Labor to allow the National Firearms Agreement review to take place without stirring up unnecessary hysteria.

Senator McKenzie dismissed calls by Labor’s justice spokeperson, Graham Perrett, to ban the importation of a new Adler lever-action firearm that meets current requirements.

“Labor’s concerns that this legal firearm will be available to licensed recreational shooters is an absolute insult to the estimated 800,000 owners who respect and obey the law,” she said.

“There is nothing new to the latest five-round version in that it meets current requirements.”

Senator McKenzie said a 12-month ban on an eight-round Adler was in place while the NFA review took place, in response to the Martin Place siege.

“Labor’s call for gun laws to be reviewed is precisely what is taking place involving both an Industry Reference Group and the Firearms and Weapons Policy Working Group. Labor should resist the urge for lecture on an issue without the facts.”

Senator McKenzie said a senate inquiry report found that only four hundredths of one per cent of all registered guns in Australia were stolen and only five per cent of those were used to commit a crime.

Further, recreational shooting contributes $1 billion to the national economy not including the many social and environmental benefits.

“This is just another of Bill Shorten’s scare campaigns. It shows just how out of touch Labor is with the average Australian by first threatening job opportunities in its protest to the China-Australia free trade agreement, and now impacting on people’s recreational time,” Senator McKenzie said.