Multiverse Theory in D (3 stars)

Review by Laura Money

Aah, the Blue Room Theatre…there is a slight haze greeting the audience as they are serenaded by the sultry strumming of a double bass while taking their seats. A jazz quartet wearing various combinations of black and white start dooby-doobing and clicking their fingers to the beat. This is not what an audience expects to see in a show titled Multiverse Theory in D.

The show has been developed in conjunction with The Ground Floor Program (Stages WA and The Blue Room Theatre) and the performers are all relative newcomers. Under the mentorship of veteran actor Humphrey Bower, they are able to give a memorable and unique performance.

The show is far from polished but it is the rough and ready and a bit unsure of itself nature that gives charm and added uncertainty to the main plot line. At the beginning of the show, the actors discuss the multiverse theory and how one could potentially live out any number of scenarios in other universes. It is slightly incongruously delivered as the fake smiles seem tight on the faces of Erin J Hutchinson and Esther Longhurst but it does set up the premise rather nicely.

On the eve of her 30th birthday, Naomi seemingly suffers a mid-life (quarter-of-a-century) crisis. She then fantasises about how her life may have been different in various multiverses. She lives out her life as a high-flying successful career woman, an earth mother with a hippy husband, and as a jazz singer who specialises in sultry versions of 90s tunes. (My personal favourite being a heartfelt rendition of You Were Meant For Me by Jewell.)

There is a lot going on and it could have been pared down more, however, Multiverse Theory in D is still worth a viewing for its uniqueness and quirkiness. Plus, a night out at the Blue Room is always a great Perth experience!

Multiverse Theory in D is playing at The Blue Room Theatre until 5th December 2015.

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