Water safety for the New Year

A first aid course could save a life according to Red Cross and that life could be a young child.


Children and young adults are particularly at risk*toddlers under four account for one in ten drowning fatalities and young people from 15 to 24 account for 15%, knowing the basics of first aid can save lives according to Red Cross.


Ensure children are supervised when they go into the water even if they are strong swimmers, do not enter the water if someone appears to be drowning unless you are specifically trained, follow the basic life support procedure and do not endanger yourself, always call ‘000’ at the first opportunity to make sure help arrives as soon as possible.


A single day of training could potentially save the life of a friend or family member this summer and Red Cross offers a wide range of training courses in every state and territory. First aid trainer Anthony Cameron believes at least one person in every household should know first aid.


“First aid training is something you should do for the people you love.”


“Having the skills and confidence to react and respond correctly in an emergency can minimise the impact of an injury, assist with recovery and even save a life, it means you can relax a little more this summer.”


The funds generated from first aid training support the everyday work of Red Cross such as providing breakfast for school children who might otherwise go to school hungry, a daily phone call to check on the welfare of an elderly person living alone or clean water for families from remote villages in Myanmar and Timor-Leste.


To reserve a place at the next Red Cross first aid course in your area or to purchase a Red Cross first aid kit online go to redcross.org.au/firstaid or call 1300 367 428.


* Royal Life Saving National Drowning Report 2014