Were you given a Christmas gift that isn’t quite you?

Maybe you struck it lucky with the perfect gift but have nowhere to put it, whatever the reason don’t ditch your unwanted clothes, accessories or homewares re-gift them to a Red Cross Shop.

“Australians spend millions of dollars each year on unwanted Christmas gifts” says Red Cross Community Engagement Manager, Kate Dear.

“January is the perfect month to clear out your cupboards so why not start the year afresh?”

When you shop or donate to a Red Cross shop you support the everyday work of Red Cross such as help for families struggling to rebuild their lives after a bushfire or flood, a phone call each day to check on the welfare of an elderly person living alone, or clean drinking water for a child in Myanmar or Timor-Leste.

“You get a good feeling when you donate to a Red Cross shop and you’re helping to cut landfill waste” says Kate.

“Reduce, reuse and recycle.”

Ask for a loyalty card when you donate across the counter and get a 25% discount after ten donations, for more information or to find your closest store visit or call 1800 811 700, Red Cross shops cannot accept donations of electrical items, large furniture or mattresses.