FRINGEWORLD: Jeff Hewitt, Rad Dad Redemption (4 stars)

Review by Kieran Eaton.

Want to know how a baby can change a person’s life? Well, veteran Perth comedian, Jeff Hewitt does this in his 2016 solo Fringeworld show, Rad Dad Redemption. This performance is an honest story, with a few lawyer based dick jokes thrown in!

Before Hewitt became a dad he was a bit of lad and we witness this first hand with a strong visual introduction to his personality. However, when he comes on stage he wants to be a likeable comedian, so he warms our hearts with some self-depreciating humour.

The start introduces Hewitt in 2001: A Space Odyssey style, mixing the theme tune with images of his bachelor days. This is hilarious, as it makes you wonder how this wild man became a dad! Though when he finally arrives on stage you realise: actually, he’s pretty normal.

Hewitt starts off with a bit of one-liner humour, then blends this with some crowd introduction. This eases us into his agenda: he will become a ‘hero’. This concept of becoming a hero is explained with a humorous interpretation of the different stages of hero development in an average legend style tale via Power Point slide visual.

The show is very candid, Hewitt describes his ‘sex, drugs and rock and roll’ life style interfering with his successful law career. Watching the show, you can see his strong writing in his ability to give lightness to dark topics. In the end Hewitt makes you smile at how love concurs all, giving raw insight into how he met the mother of his child and how he transformed into a loving father.

When: 22-23rd January, 27-30 Jan @ 930pm. 23 and 30 Jan @ 530pm.

Where: Pho Barn @ Noodle Palace.

Tickets: $20

Info: Duration 55mins, medium rating, recommended 15 +