FRINGEWORLD: Resort Apocalypse (4 stars)

“Welcome. Come on in. Sit by the pool, have a cocktail. Read a magazine and watch time flow by. You’re fine now. You’re at a resort.”

Resort Apocalypse is the fictional resort where besties Chelsea and Jane are having the holiday of their lives. Literally. It’s actually the end of the world, and they are happy to bury themselves in the sand – like most of us when it came to contributing to the end itself.

It’s a true romp through cultural phenomenons and how humanity processes endings; the conclusion? We don’t. Opening with an energetic, slightly frenzied dance to the Friends theme tune – enthusiastic clapping perfectly timed – the ladies are idyllic in white ‘resort’ outfits, compete with coconut bra and grass skirts! They gossip and giggle about Channing Tatum’s fabulous abs, which celebrity in on point, personal grooming, all while sipping fabulous cocktails and sunning themselves in the white deckchairs by the pool.

Except the pool no longer exists. Nothing really exists anymore. Chelsea and Jane are in a big cloud of denial. Behind them is the exquisite  projection art of the fabulous Freya Pitt. It shows the resort in all its apocalyptic glory – fire balls and crumbling infrastructure, whales beaching themselves, planes falling from the sky. Pitt’s work cleverly walks the line between delight and destruction, whimsy and horror, and beauty and pain.

Part best-friend romcom, part post-apocalyptic instruction manual, part feminist manifesto, all brilliant, Resort Apocalypse confronts the audience with the world’s apathy about the environment, humanity’s absolute anathema to end a story. You’ll laugh, you might cry and you’ll be absolutely touched by the witticism, pathos and solidarity of frienship within this quirky and original play.

When: Sunday 24th and Monday 25th January (6:30pm)

Where: PICA performance space, Perth Cultural Centre

Tickets: $26 standard, $23 group (6+), $11 rush tix available

Info: Duration 60 minutes, recommended 15+