FRINGEWORLD: Roof (4 stars)

Review by Kieran Eaton.

Want to know what it is like to be homeless? English comedian, Sami Stone does this in her Fringeworld debut, Roof. The performance is candid, relaxed, storytelling that covers the challenges of not having your own house.

Stone opens by giving the crowd a disclaimer: she has never actually slept on the streets. Her homelessness is due to living couch to couch, hostel to hostel, therefore not having a ‘proper’ home.  Her introduction is very laid back, making light of being a bit jet lagged.

At first you think Stone appears nervous in her commenting on how the microphone sounds funny. However, you soon realise that she is a natural performer. Her likeability is very obvious because almost instantly she has one person in the crowd laughing, at even lines that are not meant to be funny.

The start of Stone’s story is telling us she left school at fourteen. This sets up that the theme that she does not like authority and structure too much. She explains how many of her jobs have been pretty short lived for many different reasons. Sometimes the job did not suit her personality and other times it was just bad luck. Stone appears to see this as fate, and hopefully for a good reason.

Very honest is this show. It delves into the political problems of dealing with homelessness, in a mildly opinionated monologue. Stone’s writing does not have a typical ‘jokey’ style but it this works for her, as it keeps a realness to the show. This show is a good opportunity to have a good laugh, at a relaxed environment, about a serious topic.

When: 22-23 Jan (10:30pm) 24 Jan (9:00pm) 25 -26 Jan (8:30pm)

Where: The Moon Café

Tickets: $19

Info: Duration 60 mins, medium rating, recommended 18+