FRINGEWORLD: Jez Watts: Sex, Lies and Videogames (3.5 stars)

Review by Kieran Eaton.

Jez Watts: Sex, Lies and Videogames is a solo stand up show. Well, that is not totally true because Jez Watts has a support act doing about ten minutes of comedy at the start. This night it’s Ben Mulvey whose self-depreciating style routine based on his Hipster look and being overweight is pretty good.

However, the star of the show is Watts. The audience gives him a rousing applause as he enters the stage – which only seems to boost his confidence. He shows gratitude to the crowd in a warm engaging way – exchanging in banter with a female audience member. She appears to really like his humour and laughs pretty hard. He jokingly flirts with her but unfortunately she is sitting next to her boyfriend. Watts is smooth and calm under pressure, however. He enjoys comedy so much, which is apparent as he laughs throughout – even making fun of himself!

Watts is a youngish man, who has done more than many other man his age. He has been in the Army, studied the sciences at Post Graduate level, tried a wide variety of illicit drugs, had many interesting sexual experiences, and has now given up his medical career to be in the stand-up comedy caper. To do this his current girlfriend, who he in met in university, is the main bread winner because she is a Veterinarian! Watts makes a lot of jokes about their relationship. The show achieves consistent laughter with variety of constant gags.

Watts is newish to the comedy scene – displaying occasional signs of nerves. Jez Watts: Sex, Lies and Videogames has some real laugh out loud moments, so the future is strong for this young comic.

When: 28-30 January (10pm)

Where: Ramen Room, Noodle Palace

Tickets: $8-10

Info: 55 mins duration, medium rating, 15 + recommendation