Review by Elli Gemmo

The Art Gallery of Western Australia plays host to Divalicious and the Impresario, freely inspired by the Opera The Impresario – one of Mozart‘s masterpieces – the play is a clever adaptation of the original text but for contemporary culture. It’s well written, funny and realistic with recognizable Mozart tunes and other music specifically created for the show by the company.

We are in Perth. Mr. Scruples is the West Australian Opera impresario. He’s very stressed because he has no idea of how to organize and support his new upcoming opera season. Luckily for him, his assistant and aspiring opera singer Mr. Basil has already thought about something that could really help him out this hectic situation. Financial problems and casting doubts will be both solved by a rich mining magnate whose generosity is going to bring 3.5 millions dollars as well as two not-so-fresh opera singers. The competition between the ladies for the primary role of Primadonna will lead the poor impresario to a suffered decision.

The mix of Opera music and comedy is very enjoyable. If you like Opera, laughter and most of all the beautifully performed music of Mozart, this is definitely the show to see. The brilliant performances from the cast and the wonderful music played will keep you constantly engaged and will be enjoyable even for those not very passionate about classic opera plays. The adaptation of the original story to the actual Perth scene give the last touch and prove this experiment as an excellent result.

When: Thursday 28th and Saturday 30th January 2016

Where: Art Gallery of Western Australia

Tickets: From $20

Info: Duration 60mins, Suitable all ages





We caught up with performer Penny Shaw and asked her how her FRINGEWORLD experience was going.

The Australia Times Theatre (TATT):  Is this your first time performing at Perth Fringe? If so, is this also the first time you’ve performed this show?

Penny Shaw (PS): No, in fact this is our 4th year in a row! No peace for the wicked. 

TATT:  How did you get involved in the show, what inspired you to write/direct/act in the show?

PS: I was in a production of Mozart’s The Impresario in 1996 and ever since Fiona and I began working together in 2011, I have been dying for DivaLicious to do it. It couldn’t be more topical right now, being about funding in the arts and of course two rival sopranos. 

TATT:  Are there any characters you can relate to? Which one is closest to your personality?

PS: Of course not! The two sopranos in the opera are vain, bitchy, competitive, hate each other on sight and will stop at nothing to become Prima Donna. Nothing like either of us. Honestly! Oh…hold on…  

TATT:  Apart from your show, what would you recommend in Perth Fringe?

PS: I would recommend getting out of your comfort zone and booking tickets to something that you really don’t think is your cup of tea. Take a risk! You may be pleasantly surprised.

TATT:  Favourite place to get a post-show drink?

PS: Fiona and I never seem to get far past the Urban Orchard I’m afraid, it’s just too gorgeous to leave!

TATT:  What are your plans after Fringe?

PS: We are heading over to Adelaide Fringe so we will be frantically getting our License to Trill show up to scratch. Exciting!