Tina Del Twist has featured on ABC TV’s Comedy Up Late, has performed sell-out seasons with Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Melbourne Cabaret Festival, Darwin Festival and has been invited to perform in Copenhagen, Berlin, Edinburgh, and New York. Tina has also performed with The Melba Spiegeltent playing a lead role in La Soiree. And then some.

Tina Del Twist is performed by award winning Wes Snelling with Stephen Weir on guitar.

The Australia Times, Theatre caught up with Tina and asked her a few questions about her FRINGEWORLD experience.

The Australia Times Theatre (TATT): Is this your first time performing at Perth Fringe? If so, is this also the first time you’ve performed this show?

Tina Del Twist (TDT): We performed a great season last year and were nominated for best cabaret which is lovely. I adore Perth. Such a wonderful vibe and atmosphere! 

TATT: What inspired you to write this show?

TDT: Growing up in a caravan park surrounded by loads of trailer trash but in a good way. I was surrounded by dark souls full of light. I also love singing the blues and jazz so I kind of amalgamated it all together to create Tina Del Twist with my guitarist Stephen Weir.

TATT: How close is the character to yourself? Is this a candid tale of your life?

TDT: There are remnants of me in the character but I’d like to think I’m not a daily drunken lush like Tina. I definitely agree with Tina’s general rule of life which is have all of the fun and try not to break things. This doesn’t always go to plan though. 

TATT: Apart from your show, what would you recommend in Perth Fringe?

TDT: Becky Lou‘s SHAKE is fabulous, also Laura Davis Ghost Machine. Dolly Diamond is always a treat. Deadly Funny is always amazing. And I’m looking forward to seeing some acts I’ve never heard of. 

TATT: Favourite place to go for a post-show drink?

TDT: I love just hanging outside the De Parel Spiegeltent with a champas watching all the peeps coming and going from shows. It’s so vibrant. 

TATT: What’s next for you?

TDT: A dry martini. Oh and touring around Australia with the national comedy competitions Deadly Funny and Class Clowns. I also produce these for Melbourne International Comedy Festival