Lambie refuses support for Government legislation until Medicare to cuts women’s cancer checks are dropped

Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has strengthened her position to block all Government legislation after Nationals Senator and Rural Health Minister Fiona Nash confirmed the Medicare cuts to women’s cancer checks would go ahead.

During Questions Without Notice today, Senator Lambie revealed the Coalition Government’s lies regarding $650M of cruel Medicare cuts.

“Rural women are almost twice as likely to be diagnosed with cervical cancer, yet Senator Nash stood in Parliament today and claimed she had not betrayed anyone when she supported this co-payment by stealth,’’ Senator Lambie said.

“When I have been told by respected health professionals in the pathology sector that the Coalition’s $650 million worth of cuts to pathology and diagnostic imaging will prevent people from seeking an early prognosis and that rural and regional Australia will be hit the hardest – Senator Nash’s claims have a hollow ring.

“Cancer and diabetes will not be seen until it’s too late and hospitals will be overwhelmed. Tasmania’s public health system is already in a health crisis – it couldn’t cope with a heavier burden,’’ Senator Lambie said.

“We have made so much progress over 10 years to establish a strong focus on primary health care and cervical cancer is no longer a death sentence, with 72 per cent of women diagnosed surviving.

“It would be a shame to reverse that progress for what appears to be a warped, political game.

‘’This is further proof that this government isn’t making decisions for our grandchildren – they are making decisions for the election,’’ Senator Lambie said.