TED’16 DREAM – In cinemas one night only, 2 March 2016

In cinemas 2 March 2016 



For the first time ever in cinemas, the general public will have the opportunity to experience the “opening night” of TED’s legendary annual conference, alongside its equally legendary VIP audience. The event will take place on February 15th in Vancouver, Canada and will be captured live for Australian audiences to experience on March 2nd.

The conference will open with TEDx star, 10-yr-old Ishita Katyal (a new addition to the speaker line-up) who will share her dream for the future she is inheriting.  Audiences will then experience a spectacular vision of the future from the head of Alphabet/Google’s X group Astro Teller, an amazing and slightly terrifying biotech talk from Riccardo Sabatini, the incomparable Shonda Rhimes (showrunner for some of television’s hottest current programs), a return to the TED stage from the multi-million-views TED speaker Dan Pallotta (another new addition to the line-up) and a closing performance/talk from the iconic choreographer Bill T Jones.

This special event screening is exclusive to cinemas, and will give cinema audiences the chance to experience the thrilling TED opening night before the rest of the world. Tickets are available now for all venues, with new screening locations recently added.

You don’t come out of the TED theater back into the mundane world. The world just beyond the doors is supercharged with potential, significance, serendipity. In a way, it’s radically energizing. – Marcus Wohlsen, Wired.com

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