FRINGEWORLD: The Vaudevillainous Mr Gorski (4 stars)

Review by Laura Money

Daniel Gorski is The Vaudevillainous Mr Gorski – stumbling, tumbling, and bumbling his way into The Black Flamingo at FRINGWORLD. This is Gorski’s first time in Perth and his mad-cap antics are refreshing in their energy and unflapability. Gorski claims to be lucky to be raised in an eccentric Polish, artistic environment where his creativity was applauded and celebrated. He created his Mr Gorski character as a way to pay homage to the quirky eccentric Polish family members who would have performed across the European stage.

Children are wriggling in their seats, fans are blasting and the audience are treated to police sirens and a public service announcement. DO NOT ENCOURAGE MR GORSKI. HE WILL TRY TO ENTERTAIN YOU AND HIS SKILLS CAN BE SO ENTERTAINING YOU MAY BE IN DANGER. This hilarious premise is made even funnier when Gorski runs into the tent supposedly pursued by the police. He hilariously notices the audience and obviously can’t help himself – he starts to entertain!

The comedy is on-point. He brings back the timeless humour of mime, slapstick, circus, and magic in an almost dialogue free hour of fun and genuine belly laughs. Don’t be fooled by the humour of the show – Gorski is an enormous talent! He spins plates, juggles, balances, and uses centrifugal force to throw glasses around. Be prepared to giggle, gasp, and be dangerously entertained by this timeless performer, bringing back the ultimate essence of laughter and humour – being silly.

Suitable and recommended for children, beat the heat and get down to the Pleasure Garden because you’re in for a treat!

When: 2 -10 February 2016 (5:15pm)

Where: Black Flamingo, Pleasure Garden, PERTH

Tickets: Standard $22, Kids (12 and under) $15, Family $65

Info: Duration 40 minutes, suitable all ages


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