Liberals soft on Australian terrorist supporters – ASIO refuses to uncover surveillance costs and location of Traitors: Lambie

Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie’s Estimate committee questioning of Australia’s Spy Agency and Attorney General has revealed that the liberal government has refused to take legal action against 190 Australian terrorist supporters, while ASIO refuses to reveal the surveillance cost of these traitors.

“Why hasn’t the Liberal government charged each of these 190 Australians with treason? If found guilty, those people would face a maximum penalty of life in jail. The head of Australia’s spy agency Director General Lewis clearly told the parliament that ASIO has watched these people conduct traitorous activities such as raising funds, recruiting people to their cause, espousing and facilitating the Islamic State message.” said Senator Lambie.

“So why are we spending money just watching these terrorist supporters? A responsible government that trusts the advice they receive from ASIO – would take legal action against these 190 traitors. I also can’t understand why ASIO was allowed to keep secret their costs for watching these Australians who are clearly supporting our enemy. I wasn’t after names – just the cost for ASIO of watching 190 enemies of Australia.” said Senator Lambie.

“Why has Government left these known Islamic State supporters remain in our communities where they can – and have – caused harm to innocents? The last time that happened, we ended up with the Sydney café siege and the unnecessary deaths of innocent Australians.

I’m also very disappointed that the head of ASIO found it very difficult to tell the truth about the religion of these 190 traitors. We do no favors to the Australian community by trying to deny the fact that the majority of the terrorist supporters are Islamic.

The head of Australia’s spy agency, Director General Lewis also failed to detail where the 190 Terrorist supporters live in Australia. He had an opportunity to dismiss my suggestion that 12 of those terrorist supporters could be found in Tasmania – but failed. It’s now up to the government to clear up this confusion. Which state are the terrorist supporters living in? ” said Senator Lambie.