FRINGEWORLD: Todd Asked Me Out (3.5 stars)

Review by Amanda Lancaster

What do the Following things have in common? A shopping network makeover, a stand up routine performed by a laptop, and a half naked man covered in baby oil? Well ….nothing really….. except that they are all part of a strangely twisted and humorous ploy  to win over the ever elusive Todd.

Welcome to Paper Mountain where the comedy troupe Only The Human have well and truly taken over.

This is a fabulous mish mash of improvisational and experimental comedy by a  group of performers who clearly love what they do. Not afraid to make their audience squirm a little, the group proceed to offer up a range of  small sketches – from light and humorous observations about how people relate to each other in modern society …or more precisely how we don’t. To the darker side of the human psyche and all the anxieties and irrational expectations we  put upon not only ourselves but also each other.

From the wonderfully sly comic interlude on feminine beauty stereotypes by the “shopping network ladies” with their make over miracles that you too can create with just household food items, to the absurdly tongue in cheek  choose your own adventures – in depression. And of course not forgetting sketches such as  the Buzzfeed article demonstration of just how not to mix together the two most popular topics on the internet …pornography  and pictures of cats.

This show has a little something for everyone, and will definitely have you giggling whether you like it or not! Twisted and strange, kooky and fun the night’s eclectic mixture is held together by the constant underlying  narrative  provided by the lovely  MC, reminding us all throughout that this experimental night of comedic shenanigans and the audiences participation on said journey have all been employed as her last ditch effort to impress the elusive Todd.

So will Todd show????

You’ll just  have to see the show to find out.

When: 11 – 13 February 2016 (7:30pm)

Where: Paper Mountain, Northbridge, PERTH

Tickets: $22

Info: Duration 60 minutes, Recommended 18+