Introducing Kuoco Shoes, a versatile shoe concept that is going to change the face of every woman’s shoe addiction!  What makes Kuoco Shoes so different is that with our shoes, you can choose from a range of soles, shoe tops and buttons to create a unique style with limitless possibilities.


All of the components of Kuoco Shoes are completely interchangeable which means that you can start your day in a comfy flat, and then amp up your style for a playful evening look by switching out the flat sole for an elegant heel. Switching out the sole is only just the beginning. With a wide variety of shoe tops and stylish buttons, you can create a new style that is completely your own in just seconds.

The Kuoco Brand Difference


With Kuoco Shoes, endless style possibilities are at your finger tips. With just a few different shoe components, you can create multiple fun and flirty footwear styles that you can easily change whenever you want to try something a little different. Kuoco Shoes open up fun and creative ways for you to add flare to your wardrobe.


Kuoco Shoes are 100% Australian owned and all products are made by Australian craftsmen in Australian workshops. The attention to detail of our craftsmen, matched with our selection of only the finest materials available, is what gives Kuoco Shoes their exquisite quality.


But quality isn’t the only thing Kuoco Shoes have going for them. The genius is in their design, a classic example of Aussie ingenuity. By creating a modular shoe with interchangeable tops, soles and buttons you have the ability to customize your shoe to any outfit.


Kuoco Shoes are coming soon, and they will add a whole other, exciting dimension to your shoe addiction.