MICF: Lynn-Ruth Miller: This is Your Future (4.5)

Wow, it’s never too late to be a brilliant comedian – a fact proven by the incomparable Lynn Ruth Miller. At 82 years old, Miller is a refined and funny entertainer performing at The Butterfly Club as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2016.

Miller opens the show by asking: “Are you looking at me? This is your future.” Miller hilariously draws comparisons from her life growing up to ours with shockingly clever punch lines- “We never used to go to the Doctor for mental health problems- it was too expensive, in my day we just jumped.” But there are more similarities between the generations than expected – especially how her dates consisted of “beer, pretzels and testosterone.”

This Grandma speaks boldly about the ‘controversial’ topics – marijuana, ‘ravaging’ men and being a ‘GILF’- whilst elegantly dressed in a white lacy number, expensive pearls dangling from her neck.

A particularly funny moment of the show is the story Miller tells about cooking dinner. Losing her contact-lens in the soup, and her hearing aid falling on the floor! Without being able to see, Lynn decides to order takeaway- but she won’t be able to hear the deliveryman! She decides- “Well I could still see shapes so, I’ll drive to the 7 Eleven”.

A relatable struggle for some of the young people in the audience.

Good comedians – in my opinion –  express some sort of personal struggle to their audience. Miller’s battle with an eating disorder makes a candid appearance. Empathy turns to laughter with Miller, as she sexualises the ice cream cone that once haunted her thoughts.

I’ll leave with this line as inspiration for those under 80- from Miler: “This truly is the best year of my life… but I can’t remember any of the others.”

When: 23rd March – 17th April 2016 (7:00pm)

Where: The Butterfly Club, off Little Colins Street, MELBOURNE

Tickets: $38 Full; $34 Concession; $31 Butterfly Club Members

Info: Suitable 18+


MICF – https://www.comedyfestival.com.au/2016/season/shows/this-is-your-future-lynn-ruth-miller

Butterfly Club – https://thebutterflyclub.com/shows

Butterfly Club Membership: https://thebutterflyclub.com/membership