“Each year The Official Top Ten Night events get bigger and bigger. Our ultimate goal is to have an Official Top Ten Night taking place in every major city in the world, shining an even greater light on the important issue of mental health.”
Alastair Taylor, Founder, The Official Top Ten Night.
The Official Top Ten Night organises and creates unique events, held in various locations all around the world, with a simple message: Make a list, make a difference. In support of Suicide Prevention Australia, the events encourage conversations around the world, with the aim of reducing the stigma of talking about suicide and its prevention. The flagship events are the annual Top Ten Music and Top Ten Movie Nights. This year sees exciting new events added to the calendar, including
Get Reel: Top Ten Filmmakers Festival 2016
Get Reel: Top Ten Filmmakers Festival 2016 is an International Filmmakers Competition open to Australia/NZ residents, for the Top Ten Filmmakers, as judged by a celebrity panel. The competition runs from Tuesday 1st March to Sunday 8 th May, with prizes for the Top 100, Top Ten and Overall Winner . The Final will be held at Ritz Cinema, Randwick, NSW, Sunday 24 th July. Need to know more? See here .

Established by Alastair Taylor, the intimate Top Ten events began as a fun night between friends.
And they’re still fun, but now they’re making a serious difference in suicide prevention by instigating a much needed conversation about suicide and its prevention, at events all around the world.

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