MICF: Matt Okine (3.5 stars)

Review by Kristie Giblin

Any regular Triple J Breakfast listener would definitely be able to relate to Matt Okines performance at the 2016 Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Okine’s show details the trials of working in the public eye, with many ‘haters’ messaging the text line and trolling him through his social media streams.

From constantly messing up what day of the week it is and confusing people over whether it’s muesli bar Tuesday, or roll up Wednesday, to accidentally liking an old Instagram photo of Masterchef contestant Justine Schofield and still copping flak for it months later; his everyday life provides plenty of material for the show.

Similar to last year’s offering, Okine has one main story which he cuts in and out of throughout the evening, this time about a text message they received on the show after Matt told a story on air about neck pain, which saw him having an MRI and finding out whether he was suffering from Multiple Sclerosis.

Although some more serious themes do tend to creep into the material related to commercial horse racing and racism, overall it is quite a light hearted offering with Okine’s cheeky sense of humour shining through.

Being a Triple J listener is a bonus for understanding the content, though it isn’t a requirement as all stories are detailed enough for the whole audience to enjoy.

When: 24th March – 17th April 2016 (Tue-Sat 7pm, Sun 6pm – no Mondays)

Where: Melbourne Town Hall – Supper Room

Tickets:  $25-$35

Info: Duration 55mins, Suitable 16+, Wheelchair accessible

Link: https://www.comedyfestival.com.au/2016/season/shows/matt-okine