My ultimate MICF binge!

I am stuck over here in Perth but if I was in Melbourne there’s only one thing I’d be doing – BINGING ON MELBOURNE INTERNATIONAL COMEDY FESTIVAL!

Since I can’t make it over, I’m going to share with you my ultimate final weekend binge:

Saturday 16th April 2016:

6pm: Gillian Cosgriff – To the Moon and Back, ACMI Cube (Federation Square)

I’d start off my night with a funny and quirky story in an awesome setting. It goes for 60 mins so it would give me time to get to get something yummy from Lord of the Fries or any of the awesome food venues along Swanston Street.

8pm: Australia: A Whinging Pom’s Guide, Sub Club (33 Elizabeth Street)

Time for some good old-fashioned laughs. I always love seeing my culture through the eyes of another, and Dan provides the perfect funny lens. After gobbling down my Lord of the Fries, I can take a leisurely stroll down Elizabeth Street to the Sub Club.

9:45pm: Adrienne Truscott’s a One-Trick Pony, Coopers Malthouse (Southbank)

After downing a few at the pub, listening to a pom whinge about us, it’s time for something weirdly feminist and heartfelt. I would happily stroll along past Flinders Street Station, across Princes Bridge and take in the heady scents of the Yarra to get along to The Malthouse Theatre.

11pm: The 19th Annual Barry Awards, Festival Club (Swanston Street)

Since this is the ultimate fantasy, I would hop on a handy-dandy tram and get myself down to Swantston street to check out the Barry Awards. This is where the announcement of the best of the best happens! After that, I’d dance the night away with cheap drinks and comedians galore! After that, I’d head down to a greasy spoon like Swanston Walk Cafe and gorge myself on pizza and chips.

Sunday 17th April 2016:

6pm: She Was Probably Not a Robot, Cooper’s Malthouse (Southbank)

After my wild night, I would need something relaxing to watch. Stuart Bowden’s style of comedy and storytelling is the perfect way to end the festival. The show goes for 60 minutes, which would give me time to enjoy a great meal at the Malthouse (or head back to Flinders street for more Lord of the Fries!) before walking over to a show at 8:30pm.

8:30pm: Lady Sings it Better – Here to Save the World, Butterfly Club

Leaving myself plenty of time to get over there, I would head to the Butterfly Club for an evening of feminism and great music! It goes for 60 minutes so I could easily get over to see a show at 9:45pm or 10pm.

9:30pm: Reuben Kaye: Plugged, Butterfly Club

Since the drinks are fairly cheap and you can get some pretty decent bar snacks, I’d probably hang around the Butterfly Club to check out another member of its line-up.

11pm: No Show, Xavier Michelides and Ben Russell, Imperial Hotel

After an evening at the Butterfly Club you’d probably think enough was enough but no! I would be happy to stagger down to the Imperial Hotel and check out my mates from Perth. Both comedians have come such a long way since playing small rooms for 5 minutes at a time and I know I’d be in for a quality ‘happy ending’ to my MICF!

What’s your plan for the final weekend of MICF? Let us know in the Facebook comments!