MICF: Shirley Gnome in Real Mature (5 stars)


Image courtesy of Pin-up Perfection Photography


Like a naughty, comedy version of Taylor Swift- Shirley Gnome uses her superstar country voice and beautiful acoustic melodies to deliver witty, original song lyrics about sex and relationships with hilarious results.


Very clever, very silly and very honest, both men and women will relate to Shirley’s stories and you will probably leave thinking ‘she read my mind’. Maybe we won’t be able to relate to hearing a 72-year-old woman in the bedroom, but surely is an amusing insight.


Expect an inventive Kazoo performance to an Adele classic, an equally emotional and funny song about being ‘just friends’ plus plenty of profanity and colourful language to describe private parts.


Her vocal will wow you before you even begin to appreciate the intelligence of her lyrics. One of the best musical comedians I’ve seen. Today is the her last day performing in Melbourne so catch her quick!


When: 15th, 16th, 17th April (5:30pm)
Where: The Butterfly Club
Tickets: $25-$32
Info: 60 minutes duration