Free animation helps girls and women of all ages and cultures understand their periods

Breaking the taboo of talking about periods, Jean Hailes for Women’s Health has released an innovative new animation that helps women of all ages and cultures understand what happens in their body.

“All you need to know about periods” is a gentle, simple and engaging 2 minute 20 second animation that explains in clear steps what happens during a woman’s menstrual cycle.

After a series of focus groups and discussions with clinicians around Australia, Jean Hailes identified a gap in understanding of the menstrual cycle in some multi-cultural communities and among some adolescents.

“The illustrations are done in a warm, hand-drawn style,” says Jean Hailes Deputy CEO, Dr Mandy Deeks. “In conjunction with the friendly voice-over, the animation appeals to young women as well as older women where menstruation might not be widely discussed. Women whose levels of English might be low can also easily understand the messages.”

Dr Deeks says the link to the animation on the Jean Hailes website should be freely shared and can be viewed online or via a smart phone. “Our animation can put any girl or woman’s mind at rest— that having a period is a natural and very normal part of life. No one is alone in their experiences.”

Jean Hailes is grateful to the Collie Foundation, managed by Equity Trustees, for funding for the animation’s creation.


View the animation at:

The period animation’s permanent home is on the Jean Hailes website at: 


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