Three things you’re guaranteed to feel when leaving the newest SPRINT cycle class are leg fatigue, motivation and inspiration.


The four instructors leading the class at Melbourne’s Fitness Expo were highly energized and excited to be exposing us to the newly launched SPRINT cycle class, a thirty-minute workout designed unlike any other. “Forget everything you think you know… think MAX” Les Mills Instructors.


Les Mills is not just a brand of exercise classes, it’s a culture; the instructors encapsulate it and enforce it. In today’s class I was pushed past my comfort zone and enjoyed being physically and mentally challenged. I wasn’t counting down the minutes till class wrapped, my mind wasn’t wandering, I was present. I left class wanting to implement the same drive and passion the experience evoked in me, into my everyday life.



Hung behind the instructors was a projection installation designed to immerse the class in their workout visually, and synchronize with the music. This new innovation at Les Mills is a result of teams of powerful forces from varied industries coming together to create unique ideas for the fitness realm.


Today, computer technicians and instructors worked the room together, with the cyclists, for an impressive induction into the future of Les Mills.


Classes were listed back-to-back and next on the schedule was the The TRIP cycle class, in which, settings such as glaciers and lava flows are projected onto the screen, creating a sensory experience during your workout.


Now that I’ve partaken in a class, it seems like common sense, not to be staring at a gym wall or an instructor whilst pedalling away to some tunes. Les Mills’ immersive fitness has successfully conquered the boredom factor for all those opposed to entering gyms or participating in group classes. Really quite impressive.

LONDON, MAY 28; Reebok and Les Mills unveils The Project: IMMERSIVE FITNESS in London on May 28, 2014. The Project: IMMERSIVE FITNESS is a totally new workout concept and world first in Studio Fitness and draws inspiration from live music performance technology and 360° cinema to provide a fully immersive workout experience (Photo by Reebok via Getty Images)


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