Review of John Dore: Revolving Dore (4 out of 5 stars)

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Image courtesy of John Dore 

Performing to a small crowd is always a challenge- but John had the audience at The Butterfly Club in stitches with his relatable antics, and quirky physical impressions.

I found myself muttering ‘that’s true’ to many of the stories John told, with topics like- the tell tale sign we have reached a new height of laziness, the excessive sweat and red face we get when we are anxious, and the ordeal of trying to fake a believable sick day.

This show has been tuned so every joke is in the right key, resulting in well-crafted comedy. He broke down the extreme absurdity of sport fishing in a way I didn’t know was possible. Told very funny stories about catching mice and unleashing them on the neighbours.

I would say there is a mix of stories that evoke great laughter because of their relatability, as well as quirky thoughts and physicality unique to John’s style.

You can get stuck for a hilarious hour in John’s Revolving Dore for a few more days:

Where: The Butterfly Club, Carson PL, Melbourne

When: 18th-22nd May 

Tickets: $26-$32

Information: Butterfly Club members get $1 off all drinks, regular offers of discounted (or free) tickets, access to members-only events and a pretty card that fits right in your wallet.