Grant Busé: The Birds and the Beats Review (Four out of Five Stars)

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Image Courtesy of Grant Busé

Off the back of the highly acclaimed The Late Night Sexy Show at Melbourne International Comedy Festival, this musical comedian put the pressure on to develop an entirely new one hour show with all original material in just one month for a season at The Butterfly Club.

The Birds and the Beats is a show about the things we should have been taught in sex ed to prepare us for the real thing. Song titles include ‘’I’m bringing sexy sack – the condom song’, ‘Learning on the job’ and ‘Where do I cum from?’. Every song is a different genre, sung with a voice we absorb as smoothly as honey. The content unities us all with relatable material about that thing we call ‘sex’.

Very clever puns, song lines and smooth segways fall out of Grant’s head like a spilt bag of rainbow m&ms- keeping the audience on a laughing, buzzing sugar high the entire time. Grant’s energy as a performer it quite remarkable, it’s impossible not to absorb joy radiating off the stage, like a child watching their favourite entertainer- but we are old enough to take extreme delight in the sexual references.

If you have any interest in comedy, music, or sex- go and see this show.

Where: The Butterfly Club, Carson pl- off Little Collins, Melbourne CBD

When: Tuesday 17th- Sunday 22nd May

Information: Butterfly Club members get $1 off all drinks, regular offers of discounted (or free) tickets, access to members-only events and a pretty card that fits right in your wallet.