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Image courtesy of Davidoff Hoanganova

Watching Dave’s show is like receiving a huge hug from one of the giant plushies that surround the musical comic on The Butterfly Club stage in Melbourne’s CBD. It’s the warm feeling you get hanging out with your best friends eating cookies- you’ll be buzzing with laughter and joy from start to finish. Not all your friends ask you to sing along with them as monkeys, but trust me- you’ll want to do this when the moment comes around.

Dave begins the show with a kind of homage to rap- wearing big bling glasses and sporting a recorder in his back pocket, he slows the tempo right down. We immediately know the type of humour we are in for.

The theme of love is constant, and delivered in funny, cute, and heartfelt ways. Two projected videos are featured, one titled ‘First Kiss’ uses beautiful animation of two space lovers that will melt your heart. This is in contrast to a song that showcases Dave’s best pick-up lines, such genius lines include ‘are you from McDonald’s, cause I’m lovin’ it.” With it’s “100% success rate” you might learn a thing or two.

A highlight was Dave showcasing his new dance skills, and rendition of ‘Chubby Love.’

Dave’s voice is highly trained and his humour is warm, you’ll feel like you have known him for years. This show is the perfect remedy for the winter blues- so come and be comforted by Dave and his plushies!


Where: The Butterfly Club (Carson Pl off Little Collins Street, Melbourne CBD)

When: 28th June to 3rd July

Tickets: $26-$32

Information: Butterfly Club members get $1 off all drinks, regular offers of discounted (or free) tickets, access to members-only events and a pretty card that fits right in your wallet.