A theatrical musical dialogue celebrating the life and work of Leah Goldberg – the renowned pioneer of modern Hebrew poetry

“In spite of you, I shall be sane. I shall be fierce. I shall be very happy…” Leah Goldberg

A triumphant woman. A woman of cafes. A woman of the world. A companion of Chagall. Translated into 14 languages. Haunted. Impulsive. A prolific and versatile writer. A Poet.

Performance maker Deborah Leiser-Moore and musician Adi Sappir, in their first full-length collaboration, use Leah Goldberg’s poems and diaries to reanimate her spirit in an evocative performance work featuring live cello, visuals and the spoken word.

Born in Prussia in 1911, writing poetry from age 12, Leah Goldberg was invited by an exclusive group of all male Jewish poets to join them in Palestine in early 1930’s. Being the only woman in this literary group she fought hard for her status. As an outsider, with no family or close friends to turn to, she devoted herself entirely to her work. And this is where this story begins……

Deborah is renowned for her visually arresting performance works (Cordelia, Mein Kind, The Dead Twin, KaBooM and, recently, Imagining O in New York directed by Richard Schechner) that have toured nationally and internationally. Her work has been described as: “Powerful and sophisticated” (The Age).

Adi (cello and vocals), creates music that is “a deep and beautiful tapestry of sounds” (Nau Nua Arts,Barcelona). She has featured on radio in Australia and abroad and plays her music for television, theatre and film. Her recent EP Instead of a Love Poem was described as “mournfully beautiful”. Deborah and Adi’s previous collaborations were featured at Heide Museum and Theatre Works.



Show Details: The Leah Goldberg Variations

Dates: Thursday 8th, Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th SEPTEMBER

Time: 7pm

Cost: $25-32

Venue: The Butterfly Club, 5 Carson Place, Melbourne