Chunky Yoga – Plus Size Yoga


Chunky Yoga is for everyone!

Chunky Yoga classes are a safe place to explore the practice of yoga regardless of you size, gender, age, sexuality or race.

Chunky Yoga honours and embraces our differences and strives to create an environment where all bodies can do all poses.

Traditional Asanas (poses) are modified and presented to each indervidual’s ability.  Chunkier peoples thighs, arms, bellies and butts can change the way we are capable of expressing our practice and that is ok, you will still feel supported and loved.

Evidence prove yoga has a transformative power, and through a committed yoga practice, people can embrace a relationship with their body and find joy in movement.

Chunky Yoga is a specialised class ensuring you get the most out of your practice regardless of your body type.  Chunky Yoga’s focus is not on weight loss but on strength, flexibility, balance, self-acceptance, confindence and peace of mind.

Yoga is about the soul, not about your body shape.


Cheltenham, 1218 Nepean Hwy (5 min walk from Cheltenham Station, Frankston Line)

​North Melbourne, 420 Victoria Street

Yarraville, 110 Somerville Rd

St Kilda, 26 Acland St

Redfern, Sydney, Level 1, 141 Redfern St, Redfern (5 min walk from Redfern Train station)


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Feel free to call Emily Dunstan regarding any questions or concerns.

E:, Tel: 0450772192​