Nobody Owns The Moon (3.5 stars)

Nobody Owns The Moon is the first show premiered at the Spare Puppets Thetre, Fremantle, for its new opening season.

The show uses masks, marionettes and great puppetry skills to adapt the well known illustrated book by Australian writer Tohby Riddle, and the result is a comical, witty comedy that steals laughter from both young and adult public.

The city can be harsh. Clive the fox has a job in a factory and a one bedroom apartment where to sleep at night. Humphrey the donkey is not as lucky, he’s homeless and desperately looking for any kind of employment.

Clive and Humphrey are friends, and one night a light blue envelope found by the clumsy donkey in the rubbish will change their lives, even just for an instant.

This play by the Spare Parts Puppet Theatre combines funny moments with deep thoughts about how we live our relationships with strangers, how sometimes we can be very selfish and how, well, nobody owns the moon.

This production achieves something very difficult to translate. It delivers a deep message through a light comedy, and that’s where its charm lies.

When: 24th September – 8th October 2016

Where: Spare Parts Puppet Theatre, Fremantle PERTH

Tickets: $25

Information: Duration 50 minutes; Suitable for all ages, perfect for 5 and above; In Conversation with Tohby Riddle on Wednesday 28th September, 6:30pm.