A Frighteningly Delicious Treat For Halloween!

Chefs Gallery Devil Piggy Buns

 Sydney Food Lovers: Available Monday 31st only

A powerhouse of contemporary Chinese cuisine, Chefs Gallery is the talk of the trick-or-treat circuit with a fiendish addition to their menu for Halloween.  Introducing Devil Piggy Buns, wickedly cute, devilishly delicious, and only available on Monday, 31 October.

 Naughty they may be, but these scrumptious little piglets are spongey to the touch, with a dastardly black centre of sumptuous smokey, molten sesame, available at Chefs Gallery restaurants in Town Hall, Macquarie Centre, Bankstown, Parramatta and Hurstville.


Executive Chef Wing says, “Taking food and creating an experience is our mission at Chefs Gallery, but occasionally we like to come up with cute and scary creations that are both tasty and fun, so make sure and wolf down some Devil Piggy Buns for Halloween.”

Chefs Gallery has become an institution for creative desserts, from the success of Piggy Prince and Piggy Princess Face buns, to Eggy and Yolky spewey buns. All of which beg to be poked, prodded and squeezed with an edible stick until their yolky, oozy centers erupt on your plate, clearly fantastical desserts are the dish of the day!

The experience of dining at Chefs Gallery is one that is unique in its theatre, artistry and taste.  With chefs on display crafting hand-made noodles behind the glass walled kitchen, as well as a superbly curated menu bursting with taste sensations, Chefs Gallery is a true feast for the senses.


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