Adventurous local pop-up crew, Chapter53 take to Fitzroy again with another multiple course seasonal offering, and this time they are staying plant based- because, Spring.

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Tickets available now through Eventbrite for Chapter53s sophomore event, Spring: In The Garden Of Good & EVOO, to be held in Fitzroy, Sunday November 27. An exploration of Good vs EVOO plant based food and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Following the success of their last event, Winters Burial, in August, the crew from Chapter53 are embarking on a new challenge, a vegetarian degustation using local spring produce challenging because of the strange season it has been, having a direct impact of local farmers and what they have been able to produce and not produce this spring. However, Chapter53 have stayed true to their concept and sourced local producers whose wares they will spin into an elegant dining experience for Melbournians who love something a little bit different.


Chapter53s spring event, Spring: In The Garden Of Good & EVOOoffers up 5 courses with matching wines and in this case, a few alternative drinks make an appearance, including a gin from Yarra Valley, a saison from Alphington, and, as always, another couple of surprises will be in store for their mindful diners.

As the title suggests EVOO – extra virgin olive oil – features heavily throughout the menu, some places less traditionally than others, Manna Hill Estate, an organic certified olive grove north west of Melbourne, will speak on the evening.

Head chef Nicola Romano and his crew of 6 will serve up (at least) 5 courses. The theatrics will be turned up for this event as the venue has a very open kitchen, however, there is no smoke and mirrors when it comes to the food. Romano has a deep philosophy of respecting the ingredient and presenting each product with its true flavour in tact while there will be no flavour trickery, there will certainly be magic.


Adventure is required at Chapter53 events, but what is not required is a conscience, they have that sorted for you. Chapter53 are committed to using and promoting local, small-scale, ethical and sustainable farmers and producers wherever possible. Chapter53 events are aimed at connecting likeminded individuals through food and discussion, opening the channels of communication to drive mindfulness, understanding where the food on your plate comes from. Beyond that, it is just about having a really good time and celebrating good food.

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Limited tickets still available, but if you miss out youd be wise to follow their social media accounts to be ready to pounce on the next one. The Chapter53 story is only just beginning.

Tickets for Spring: In The Garden Of Good & EVOO, Fitzroy, Sunday November 27, 8pm-11pm available through Eventbrite.

For all media enquiries contact Mandy DelVecchio Ph: 0405107055

image credit: Nitesh Subedi.


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