FRINGWORLD 2017 – Thunder God & Other Tales (4 Stars)

Review by Kieran Eaton

Thunder God & Other Tales is a solo story-telling act by Perth comedian Adam Peter Scott. Peter Scott watches lots of movies and this influences his creation of five stories based on movies that would not be likely to be made in Hollywood. Luckily, this comedian is a very creative and has strong writing skills.

At the start, Peter Scott introduces the format of the show. He gives the crowd a look that says ‘I know my stuff,’ and this eases the tension in the room. Peter Scott has a minimalist setting, with just a single seat lounge chair, a projection screen and his book of stories. He only uses the projection screen to display the titles of the stories but they are all humorous and clever. When he sits down, he reads his stories with moderate speed because he wants you to concentrate on the words but not too slow to lose focus.

Each story goes for about ten minutes so it requires a dedicated audience to stay focused. There are a few crowd interactions and movement by Peter Scott, so some stories are received better than others. There is something for everyone, with subjects ranging from politics to horror. Peter Scott’s love of a good movie is epitomised in his strong attention to detail.  There is a constant flow of punchlines in all his stories that he delivers with confidence.

This show is Peter Scott at his natural best. It appears that his comedic voice has developed into a relatable and clear figure. Thunder God & Other Tales is show to watch if you want to see a comedian who knows his strengths.


When: 20th – 28th January 2017 | 8:00pm

Where: Noodle Palace | Fringe Central | PERTH

Tickets: $21

Info: Duration 55 minutes | WA Artist | Suitable 18+