Review by Kieran Eaton

What is a shag? Is it a bird? Well, yes but in Britain it also refers to sex. The concept of Shaggers comes from British comedian, Nik Coppin who has been known to fancy a shag every now and then.  Sex is a very broad term so it can be taken in many ways, just think of the whole Bill Clinton saga. Shaggers is a variety night like no other – a festival favourite that features a bunch of different comedians whose sets are all about sex.

Shaggers has a fun atmosphere – you know what you are going to get! As a famous R&B group once rapped: let’s talk about sex! This can be an uncomfortable subject but the compare for the night, Coppin himself makes light of it all and brings people together so the audience are loose and ready for anything. Coppin cops to being single. He then takes it upon himself to sort out the singles in the crowd (well, the single ladies!) It is heavily implied that the party will continue after the show.

First up is the loveable Mickey D. His stories have a strong larrikin nature which cause you to embrace his crudeness as just muck a bout. Next is Canadian, Evan Desmarais who brings a more neurotic take on sex, a great variation from the show’s beginning. Then Sharon Mahoney gave us insights into why she prefers younger men. Lastly, Matt Price wraps the night up by making fun of Coppin and at the same time giving him an assist for a one night stand.

This adult show can be awkward for some but in general is a night where happiness and laughter is had in huge measures – all because of sex.


When: 24th – 29th January 2017 | 10:00pm

Where: The Gold Digger | Fringe Central | PERTH

Tickets: $21 – $26

Info: Duration 60 minutes | Not suitable for under 18s