FRINGEWORLD 2017 – 6056 (3.5 Stars)

Review by Kieran Eaton

Cameron McLaren is an interesting fellow, full of dichotomies – he wears sportswear yet is unfit, and talks about drugs yet has a daggy nature.  6056 is about living in the self-confessed bogan hub of Midland and he appears to break that cultural stereotype.

However, not being a stereotype is an advantage in comedy because it means you can be liked by a greater range of people. McLaren uses his likeability to full effect in exciting the crowd and connecting with anybody from Midland.  Midland, like Armadale are very cliché suburbs so it is very easy for this local performer to have a crowd that gets the references. What makes it interesting is that he went to a neighbouring suburb’s high school, in Swan View. From his description, it seems that University aspirations were not a high priority at this school. This could have been a more focused point because I felt during his performance that I wanted to connect more with this bubbly character.

Each of McLaren’s shows, he gets an up and coming comedian to open for him. On the night of this review it’s Umar Azad, a young man of Australian Pakistani upbringing. He has excellent stage presence for a comedian new to the craft. When Azad brings McLaren on, the youngish lad comes to the stage with typical Aussie casualness and is quick to do self-depreciating humour, making the mostly Australian crowd not feel like he is an up-start.  This rising local comedian’s laid back nature almost makes it feel like he is just performing to a bunch of mates.

6056 is show where the highlights are more from the two performers’ stage craft than their material. This is McLaren’s first solo show, so exciting times ahead for future festivals.


When: 24th January – 2nd February 2017 | 7:00pm

Where: Elephant and Wheelbarrow | Northbridge | and MANPAC at Mandurah | PERTH

Tickets: $17 – $21

Info: Duration 60 minutes | WA Artist | Suitable 15+