Review by Kieran Eaton

Seeing a young white man with dreadlocks it’s easy to imagine this comedian, Rory Lowe will blend in well to this Fremantle venue and he does! Wearing a smart shirt, he jokes that his shirt will allow him to be taken seriously.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Australia is storytelling at its best. This young comedian commands the stage, with a carefree nature. Lowe came to Australia from the UK, about five years ago, and has recently completed a University degree here in Perth. As you may have guessed this free spirit has an adventurous side and does not mind taking a risk, whether it is experimenting with drugs or hitchhiking to Broome for a comedy gig! Lowe’s calm demeanour gives us faith that we will be taking a safe journey.

Lowe opens by describing himself and his background. He loves Perth, saying it is much safer and muses why, when compared to the UK. The night consistently gets laughter from all sections of the room. He also explains his life philosophies showing wisdom beyond his age but when he keeps meeting up with some quite scary lift givers, it gives him a moment of pause. It is a wild journey that questions any desire to drive out into the outback. As a typical comedian, Lowe sees the bright side of the journey as an opportunity to tell an amazingly funny and gripping story.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Australia is an independent show and has a performer that would be happy to have a beer and chill with, with a chance that he may be thinking could I turn this into something funny.


When: 22nd – 29th January 2017 | 8:00pm

Where: Freo Royal | Federal Hotel | Fremantle | PERTH

Tickets: $21 – $26

Info: Duration 60 minutes | Suitable 18+