Review by Amanda Lancaster

This is a real love story, about the reality of love. Boy meets girl…..well…… idealist romantic male meets nonconformist feminine interest of affection. As most do, both boy and girl, fall, into the ensuing terribly, messy, confusing, wonderfully heart wrenching abyss that is love.

So what happens when two people who feel they complete each other have wildly different ideals on what exactly being someone’s other half entails?   Where do you go when the stereotypical guidelines followed by most is a path you were never taught to follow? Can any chosen pair no matter how seemingly well suited honestly progress in a modern society where the obvious joyous climactic moment in any coupling isn’t the obvious choice? Marriage!

 Welcome to the realistic demonstration of what happens when the bubble truly bursts. Talented  theatrical all-rounder Mark Storen  plays our rose-tinted glasses male lead with his story book views of love, attempting to steadfastly steer the relationship towards the next beautiful step, because  ‘it’s what you’re supposed to do.”

Georgia King gives a sharply clever performance of a woman who poignantly believes that saying yes is little more than her giving in to the historical archetypes she has witnessed throughout not only her years but the worlds. The starring duo give life to the narrative, letting it unfold before the audience’s rapt gaze.  From the first ideas of love that grow sadly but steadily into the often denied yet incurable resentment of two people trying to understand how to let go of what they thought they wanted and needed most.

It is hard not to fall in love with the painful romance and utterly beautiful melancholy of the entire piece but it is the pure accurate dissection and dissemination of the terms and words so easily and often thrown about in modern love that have me hooked. Musical metaphors wind in an out of the piece as the relationship unfolds and falters in front of the audience, portraying the often unspoken words felt in this type of real life scenario.

A total autopsy of the institution that is marriage, where the true base when contemplating vows in the vein of love, marriage and forever are totally laid bare. This is a must see for all lovers of the light found in the dark and for the tragic in romance.

When: 24th -28th January 2017 | 4:00pm

Where: The Blue Room Theatre | Fringe Central | PERTH

Tickets: $23 – $26

Info: Duration 55 minutes | WA Artist | Suitable 15+