FRINGEWORLD 2017 – Badger & Kit Write the Best Love Song Ever (4 stars)

Review by Amanda Lancaster

Meet  Badger  and  Kit,  the  charismatic  real  life  siblings  whose  biggest  point  in  common  just so  happens to be  an  impressive  array  of  failed  relationships.  Terminally  single,  despite  both   good  and  bad  experiences  in their  love  lives,  these  two  have  decided   it’s  time  team  up  and   to  make  the  best  of  it. Pull  it  together  and put  it  together!  A  love  song  that  is,  and  the  best  one  ever at that.

But  what  is  it  that  makes  something  the  best?  How  do  you  create  it?  And  how  on  earth  will   they  ever manage  to  complete  the  best  song  ever  if  they  can’t  even  agree  on  what  love  is  or   should  be? Watch  as  the pair  make  their  way  through  a  live  exploration  of   just  exactly  what  they  each   think    it  takes  to    make  the best  love  song  and  of  course  the  ensuing  and  appropriate  sibling  rivalry   that  comes  with  agreeing  on anything – complete,  of  course with  singing,  bickering, and  squabbling.

Blending  beautifully  composed  lyricism  and  a  folk  melody  styling,  the  pair  use  the   duration  of    the performance  to  each  write  their  own  individual  love  song.  Exploring  the  themes  of  relationships  and individual    growth    in  the  realm  of    love  and  what  exactly  it  is   that  makes  us  the  best  most  loveable versions  of  ourselves? A  charming  and  humorous  performance  that  reminds  us  all  of  those  truly  fleeting  and often   ephemeral  elements  that  come  with  loving    and  being  loved  and  just  how  much  these   eclectic mixture of  things  can    shape  something.

The  desire,  the    inspiration,  the  want  and    need  ,  to  create  and   to  feel  something  and  to   bravely  offer  that something  out  into  the  overwhelming  possibility  of  nothingness. Love  in  song  and  love  in  relationships  have more  in  common  than  we  may  first  realise. Badger  and  Kit  may  very  well  write  the  best  love  song  ever  for all  we  know,  but  that’s  not   really  what  this  is  really  all  about  now  is  it?


When: 31st January – 4th February 2017 | 8:15pm

Where: The Flaming Locomotive | State Theatre Centre WA | PERTH

Tickets: $16 – $21

Info: Duration 50 minutes | Suitable 15+ | WA Artist