FRINGEWORLD 2017 – Real Talk with James McHale (3 Stars)

Review by Kieran Eaton

What do you get when a former lawyer, now ABC newsreader does a FRINGEWORLD 2017 show? You get a talk show host who conducts interviews and brings on an entertainer halfway through the show. It’s like fusing ABC and SBS together on a Friday night.

Real Talk with James McHale starts with this politically-minded humourist, James McHale walking the stage and getting puffed out pretty quickly – it’s safe to say, he’s pretty unfit! (I guess his vocational background explains his lack of exercise.) McHale does a bit of slide-show humour to open the night before his interviews and entertainment. This warms the crowd up, however, he does not expect his guests to be quite as amusing as him.

Each night is different and not all the guests are taking part in FRINGEWORLD 2017. For example, this night his first guest is a man who been a judge to many politically charged cases. McHale explores the ethical conundrums in dealing with the justice system, outlining that things are not always black and white. McHale does use some suggested questions given by the crowd, written earlier before the show. He ends the show by giving an award (a portrait of the night) to the member of the crowd he deems to given the best question. (Take that Tony Jones!)

Real Talk with James McHale is like a mix between the Graham Norton show and an ABC radio interview but the mix tends to dilute the strength of the humour and the seriousness. However, if you want to see a light relaxing show, why not check it out?


When: 20th January – 11th February | Friday and Saturdays | 9:50pm

Where: Gelo at Piazza Hut | Northbridge | PERTH

Tickets: $26

Info: Duration 60 minutes | Recommended 18+ | WA Artist