FRINGEWORLD 2017 – unTrue Detective (3 Stars)

Review by Kieran Eaton

These days murder mysteries are all the rage –  exciting all but sometimes they take themselves too seriously. unTrue Detective definitely does not, in this comedic theatre performance that goes back to the old Noir-style to ultimate cheesy effect.

This show has three performers but feels like more, as they jump easily between a gang of characters, allowing laughter to ensue. This performance sometimes comes across as shambolic but this suits the twisting of the genre to a comedy. All three actors each meet their character requirements as we suspend our disbelief in this farcical tale. There is a sense of fun in all the characters faces that creates a feeling of cheekiness.

Untrue Detective starts in the detective office, where the lead character McNabb is wanting to solve a murder.  He has a chief that does not believe in him and this makes McNabb desperate, looking everywhere for clue. However, this detective is a bit clueless in making sense of solving this murderous crime. These performers are quick-witted in turning any line stuff up to a laughing moment with this strong team chemistry. The story does feel a bit drawn out, most likely because the punchlines are not tight enough. Still, there are gags from start to end and the typical ending of the ‘Red Herring’ being found out.

If you want to see a FRINGEWORLD 2017 show with local actors, doing their thing comfortably together, go enter the world of Noir in unTrue Detective.


When: 31st January – 5th February 2017 | 6:40pm

Where: Noodle Palace | Fringe Central | PERTH

Tickets: $16 – $21

Info: Duration 50 minutes | Suitable 15+ | WA Artist