FRINGEWORLD 2017 – Andrew Roper – Superhero Secret Origins (4 stars)

Review by Kieran Eaton

Andrew Roper has brought back his geeky knowledge of superheros to highlight the power of Wonder Woman in influencing feminism. Included are also some other comic characters of feminist influence. Roper mentions the importance of this show when his previous show had complaints about no material on this female icon, and that his wife said you must do a show about her!

It is not that Roper didn’t think she was important – it just that she is so important it required a whole show to explain in detail her history. Wonder Woman has an amazing number of subliminal messages (that I, for one, did not realise) that Roper demonstrates in a slide show presentation. If you don’t have a geeky love of comics that is ok with Roper – as he has created something that in reflects the development of feminism from about 1930 to now.

Roper knows how to bring humour to this serious topic in a clever and sincere style. This comedic performer gently goes with the flow with a shy audience to get maximum enthusiasm. With little lighting on Roper, this comic book enthusiast draws attention away from himself and focuses on the details on the screen. This past world is brought to life with passion that keeps the audience fascinated by how one character could have so much political power. Andrew Roper – Superhero Secret Origins is a socially aware talk with information so intelligently brought to life it could have almost been part of a university course.


When: 6th – 11th February 2017 | 9:45pm

Where: City of Perth Library | Cathedral Square | PERTH

Tickets: $11 – $21

Info: Duration 55 minutes | Suitable 15+